Ready, Set, Run! - A Shadowrun Campaign


World slowing,,,, 2 weeks between actions, longer… world fagmenting Moderator ADD… death of another game setting


Our group has now recovered information for the outlay of the Aztechnology office building. Chameleon appears to have recovered intel on the janitorial services, which will obviously be involved with a type of cover-up. The others and I merely need to wait outside and make sure nothing goes wrong. Of course… this can never be expected.

Revenge, the best way possible.

After our little visit from the other rival Runner group, we decided to weed them out of our annoyances. Why not place a nice, big, red bull’s eye on their simple heads? Discovering information about lower-end gangsters of the main mobs, we decided to do a “hit and run” of sorts. Thanks to Chameleon, we were able to be properly disguised as the other group to fool them into entering our vehicle. With “proper discussion skills” we were able to scare them enough to bother the heads of their families. After this little incursion, we were summoned by our Johnson once more. A very beautiful restaurant, and with an offer of free food. Of course, we ordered the most expensive dishes… Other than the rigger who merely wanted a shepherd’s pie. Clearly he needs to become more introduced to the finer things in life. Continuing to the matter at hand, we have received a new mission… Let us see where this will end.

Chameleon’s motto: If I am accused, I might as well be guilty

Operation is done with a few wrinkles. Our wage slave bag man, a shadowrunner wanabe was so ill equipped I had to replace him, so he wouldn’t screw the op. It worked the exchange went without a hitch. Then men started falling out of the skylights! The orks take out our pursuers. Pardoner’s gas grenades and the other ones shooting takes them down without me having to break character. Meanwhile our driver disabled the helicopter (but I don’t think the Johnsons getting his security deposit back on the limo rental!) Once we made it to the vehicle switch point, I gave my instructional lesson in shadowrunning 101 to Steve our bag man and collected my fee… (Steve Williams is not ready for the shadows… If he was in on the exchange when the fecal matter started flying he would have been dead or captured as well as my team. Instead he got a taste of fear from me waving my gun in his face, wandered around the public transport system. I drained his bank account and collected his fee. That’s fair I did his part of the job and his bank account is insured. At the end of the day he is still alive and now he knows better than entering in any biz) much like poker there is an expensive learning curve in shadowrunning. He got off light!

Our Johnson paid up only problem with playing Steve for the exchange was I couldn’t hit the Johnson for a bonus when he admitted he thought the exchange was compromised… but a second pay check in hand is better than a possible bonus. We all ended up hanging at the rigger’s diggs and for us we did. The other team tracked us somehow. Their face started accusing us of betraying them. Stupid things like more bad guys chased the six of them than the three of us our and since his Johnson was now dead our Johnson or us should pay their fee. We tried talking but it became clear the morons would keep hounding us until they ruined any Biz we were involved with or we burned our Johnson and flushed our rep. A couple of gas grenades and rocket launch later they bug out. The Night Walkers accused me of screwing them over I was innocent, but now they are going to find out what it means to be screwed over by me…

Night Walkers - Watch out!

(Taken from one of the local “shadow boards” in the local Atlanta ’running scene)

I dunno if any of the rest of you have heard bout this, but apparently there’s a local team running round causing trouble for some of the local families.

Get this…this team, the Night Walkers, they on some vengeance ego trip throughout the city. Somethin about their money. Apparently, they got screwed on a job and they looking for any link to their employers (ha! good luck!) to collect whats owed to ’em.

And I’m talkin ANY link.

Parently, they grabbed some thugs from the Gambelli and Montoya families and roughed em up for answers about whatever frellin job they did and didn’t get paid for.

Hell! We in the business know that if ya ain’t satisfied with the pay up front, ya better just scrap it and move on to another gig, amirite guys?

Anyway, they rough up these goons, the goons run back to their bosses, the bosses get pissed off that this team thinks they can do whatever they like to their people, hits start being put on these bozos heads.

Serves em right, if you ask me. Just remember, boys and girls of the shadows…the team is the Night Walkers. Steer clear of em cause they’re pretty much walkin’ dead men.

- FlintFox

An Exchange of Possibilities (skip to Act II)

Our mission was simply to escort a man for a simple exchange of property… How hard could it be? My team seems to consist of rather “curious” men… and a human who is able to turn into a woman…

The Team:

Chameleon (human) – The “face” of our band, able to transform into any style he seems necessary, even if it would be a stunning waitress that tries to come on to others. Who knows what his, or her, real form may be.

Pardoner (orc) – Gunman – This character seems to be quite trigger happy, ready to pounce on anything in front, or behind him, such as myself. I suppose I am glad that he has the ability to keep track of his surroundings…

Cypher (human) – Friendly neighborhood rigger, with drones in the back of his trunk. It seems he sometimes likes to refer to himself as Steel… I’m not sure if is serious or just a tad delusional from all of his equipment.

Specter – Japanese (Orc) – Very weary about this one… He has continuously looked at me with some sort of disdain, though I may not be surprised for he is from my homeland. I will have to watch my back, for I don’t tolerate his thoughts or beliefs of my kind.

We have accepted the mission for this exchange in a warehouse near the edge of town. Thinking ahead, our group has decided that the deceiving Specter and I shall infiltrate the building that same night.

We arrive at the designated location a few blocks away, and begin our investigation. It is always an unusual and exciting experience in the Astral Plain. My “friend” decides to use the always mundane tactic of technology… Nothing compares to the Awakened. After the initial search, neither of us found anything dire to report, magical or otherwise.

Our investigation is over and we begin heading back to our “base of operations.” Curiously, a tinted black sedan has begun following us… Maybe it is just coincidence. A few minutes later, the vehicle is still riding on our trail and I am needed to sense the occupancy of the suspicious follower. A few “cybered” and one normal men appear within the car… But what is this? I sense an Awakened in there as well! By the time I was going to prepare a spirit, our engine cut out, and we were stranded. Blast… those bastards must have used the same tactic.
They exited their vehicle, aside from the Awakened, and we began to prepare ourselves for a skrimish, Pardoner with his finger already on his trigger. The “clean” man stepped forward and seemed to apologize for the incident, and that he claims he was merely seeing who they were going to exchange with… At least he paid us back, which included a little extra for ourselves. At least I will be ready for what is to come, the others better do the same.

enter preparation scenes and spirit binding

Once again, we arrive back to the abandoned factory, and our exchange-man was extremely nervous about the whole ordeal, so Chameleon decides to take his place at the “front-line.” It was very curious, however, that he acted the exact same way as the man did, and the other exchange-man was obviously nervous too. I thought they were going to start shouting out their secret codes to each other before we even got into reach of the package. Without any fault, we began our leave back to the limo, until a sound was heard outside. I could not make out from where it was coming, but my team managed to warn us about the incoming helicopter as forces of soldiers leaped down into the building to come after us.

To be Continued.

Sharpe;s day job

What huh? Where am I? persona soft shut down Who? Oh that right I’m Max Sharpe undercover as Chameleon
Time to look the last couple of days take….
Looks mostly pretty boring…
Break-in to an empty ware house…
I can use this banter over the unconscious demon magician good tension breaker…

I can use Specters data feed of the break-in and search it’ll need some editing up the gain on my tension < insert emoticon protocol >
Lots of driving… maybe a few scenes of the gang tags… voice over: “young men steeped in violence of the streets with nothing to lose” or some such greck
Whoa we got a live one … Someones following the truck < insert mood elevator >
Mage does his thing reports < save scene > … this is gold! the team is so boned!
We are out gunned, out magicked, and in a deserted area…
Car approaches
Chameleon gets out WHY THE FRELL AM I GOING OUT! UNARMED! Chameleon you freaking psycho!
Oh its just the other team… I guess that was the right call (we’ll use Chamelon’s simsense data… fix it in post production.)
Save images of the other team production profiles on them Love cloned chrome muscle.
Oh I love it shake them down for the cost of car repairs
More boring stuff…
Goods pick up… I still can’t believe the orc got half his pay check in bullets!
Well that’s done… I’ll squirt this feed to post production
Maybe we’ll re-run the scene or two third person…
Time to reset the chameleon persona soft with shut down protocol 2 hours after sleep tomorrow,
God these late nights are killing me,,, I hope chameleon doesn’t REALLY get me killed!!!
Now I pray before I sleep, if should die before I wake….

Sharpe's Special Report Preview

The Sharpe Special Report

“Max Sharpe here, investgative reporter for HARDLINE, reporting from deep undercover in the underbelly of the shadow running community. This series is intend to be the most in-depth look in to this hidden sub-culture. What drives these renegades and why do they hold the rest of society in such contempt? I have previously reported on corporate ties to these criminal elements and the mid-level bureaucrats who trade in violence to climb the rungs of the company ladder. Even executive involvemnt such as HARDLINE’s rport Aztec’s involvement in the organ running trade… Now a different view… A gutter-side view if you will. In this sim-sense series you will see the initial meet independent runners (small fish in a very dangerous and pond) contracted for some mysterious job. I managed to get surveillance in the room for this meeting. Lets watch”

Scene begins Sharpe viewing AR scene making coments as the action plays out:

“The scene unfolds not in some biker dive but in a quiet well-appointed room in the back of sin-sense café of dubious repute ( I presume because beatle heads are not generally interested much that happens out of AR)”

The scene plays out predictably between the members arriving none talking much, each ordering water and waiting for “the Johnson” (Mr. Johnson—n. name often adopted by a person who hires shadowrunners) to arrive immediately there is tension between the Oni and both orcs, one because of some dislike of “demons” the other for some incident outside the room. The human with data jack says almost nothing. The only real surprise is, when the Johnson arrives the waitress reveals she is part of the meet and is a man in disguise! Johnson lays out job; Escort a man to a pick up a briefcase then deliver the briefcase to a drop off point.
Each member introduces themselves
Chameleon and Johnson negotiate job

End scene

Freeze frame of team members
Pardoner – race: orc specialty-weapons (gunman, hired thug )See attached profile
Cypher Race-Human specialty rigger(driver drone jockey, amateur hacker)See attached profile
Chameleon – Human? Specialty- con-man(impersonator confidence man See attached profile
Specter-Race-orc Specialty- infiltration (B&E, sneak thief) See attached profile
Takeshi- Race-Oni Specialty-magician (style unknown) See attached profile

“I will follow these men through preparation of the operation and through the pick up and deleivery “will this be cake run or will blood be flowing through the back alleys? Tune in for the next installment:Ready! Set! Run!

The Pardoner's Tale, part II

Well… we had our infiltration test tonight. It was a complete cock up! Johnny Spellboy and da Creep went in. Happy enough dey seemed to get da goods on what we was looking for and managed to get outta da building without setting any alarms off. But the buggers on da other side were scoping us da whole time. Dey had thinned out da security early for da meet and were still observing when dey made us. We were planning out routes and driving at da time and Chameleon’s sharp eyes spotted em on our tail.

Well to make da story short, da fraggers hexed our ride and cracked da radiator. So much for magical defenses. Our spellworm musta been on a Union Coffee Break. Hoop sniffer.

Anyway, we break out our favorite shootin irons just in case da goon mobile behind us wanted to make some noise. But Chameleon got out and had a little pow wow wid em. One everyone’s bona fides were established dey paid for the damage and the tow and we all went on our way before each of us went to our corner to prepare for da meet.

We picked up da limo and stocked our toy boxes just in case. When we picked up da courier, and I use dat term loosely since the fragger was pissin’ himself at the thought of picking up a briefcase, we did our best to settle him. When dat didn’t work we just had chameleon replace him and let the nozzle stay in da limo.

It’s time to head in now, and with luck, it’ll go nice and easy…

Step One, Get a Team

So my fixer, a guy i met named Wires, gives me a call and tells me i have a job. I’m supposed to meet a bunch of other guys, who will help me with the job. So i get there and go up to the meeting place and apparently im the first one here. The waitress shows up and i order a drink, as i wait. The team shows up one by one and i get a look at the people im working with. The first guy who shows up, introduces himself as the Pardoner, and he is impressive looking but we will see how he holds up. The next one who walks in calls himself Steel, and he is our rigger. He doesn’t seem that competent but at least he is better than the mage we got. Our mage is a freaking Oni, and i can already tell i am not gonna like him. The last team member turns out to be the bloody waitress, who introduces himself after using his crazy tech to change his entire body into a dude. Says his name is Chameleon. We got a job to secure some kind of briefcase transfer and i asked wires to help us out. After we finish the meet i offer to go get some hands on recon, so i get my stuff and head out


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