Ready, Set, Run! - A Shadowrun Campaign

The Pardoner's Tale

Ya know, sometimes I don’t know why I work in dis biz. At least in da army you knew who da frag-ups were and dere are ways of avoidin’ dem. My fixer, the worthless hoop-sniffer, calls me up to offer me a job. Turns out it’s with four other fraggers that I don’t know from Adam. And I gotta trust my hoop wif dese knuckleheads.

First of all, da spellworm vanishes himself and tries to play creepy-crawly behind me. I thought long and hard about bustin him in da forehead with a gel round, just to remind him of what his mama shoulda taught him about manners. Da fragger is on my dreklist for da moment. He can’t keep himself in check, I’ll do it for him and reconstructive face surgery is expensive.

Da face… oh brotha, he’s a live one. Can rearrange his features and even his gender. Fragger pretends to be da waitress at the meet! Damn sure he had me fooled. Like dat one time in France, only thankfully we weren’t so cozy when I found out. Other than that though he seems like he has a decent head on his shoulders. We’ll have to see.

Da rigger… He was kinda quiet but when I asked a few questions about his skills, he had the right answers. With any luck, the slot can drive and shoot and we’ll have a wiz getaway driver.

Da Jappo tusker says he’s an infiltrator. I sure as hell hope so cause the ugly slot ain’t gonna get by on his sparklin wit and conversation (not like yours truly). He didn’t say much at all during da meet but he ponied up for the initial gear load-out I suggested, and had a line on the Matrix support we needed.

We had our initial planning for da escort da courier run after Senor Johnson wandered off to do whatever the frag suits do when they aren’t back-dooring honest Joe’s like us. So far we seem to have a preliminary plan and some legwork to show for it. Johnny Spellboy and Captain Sneaky are gonna buzz da place shortly for some eyes-on recon. It’ll be a good field test for them and we’ll get the chance to see them in action. We might even be able to leave some surveillance behind to make sure da slots we’re meeting play nice and don’t try and cack us.

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