Maxwell Sharpe / Chameleon

Undercover journalist/ shadow runner specializing in impersonation


Maxwell Sharpe is a human of average build and weight. He is attractive with brown hair , his clothes and hair cut conform perfectly with current corporate standards in other words, just another pretty face in this bio-sculpt world. His posture and demeanor is relaxed and friendly with an open trusting face (unless he confronting the subject of an investigation, then it is filled with anger and/or horror at subjects outrage to society)

Chameleon has the same general build and weight with same facial features (only slightly leaner) but his hair color and style fluctuates with the many fashions of the street. His dress is the ever-present armored long coat He generally armed with a heavy pistol and the attitude of a coiled spring. Although always calm in an icy professional way he appears ready to take decisive action at a moment’s notice

When in disguise he can become a large segment of the human population he is able increase of decrease his apparent body mass by up to 20% in combination with fiber optic hair and careful use of nano-paste and latex masks and other props he may look like virtually all average sized humans or similarly size meta-humans. (At least with adequate preparation) With his refined acting skills, vocader and skills as a trained observer he is capable of sliding into role of the impersonated meta-human with relative ease.


Maxwell is a Sim-sense journalist although his work is fairly well known, his appearance is not as all his reports are in first person view report. Few outside The Horizon Group offices are aware the extensive cyber-ware design that allows him to get the story, by impersonating his way into other corps and getting the insiders view of the corps. Dirty laundry! Horizon Group has in the past has used the reports sway public opinion against rival corporations. Recently Max has sold his producer on a deep cover long running expose’ on shadow running from the street level. To achieve this goal a custom persona-fix program has been installed that allows him to truly believe he is Chameleon a shadow runner specializing in front door infiltration activities. Except for brief times during specific trigger moment his true personality is subsumed by Chameleon personality . Chameleon is completely unaware of the Max personality (In fact, he believes Maxwell Sharpe’s Sim is very high quality forgery!)

Maxwell Sharpe / Chameleon

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