Ready, Set, Run! - A Shadowrun Campaign

The Pardoner's Tale, part II

Well… we had our infiltration test tonight. It was a complete cock up! Johnny Spellboy and da Creep went in. Happy enough dey seemed to get da goods on what we was looking for and managed to get outta da building without setting any alarms off. But the buggers on da other side were scoping us da whole time. Dey had thinned out da security early for da meet and were still observing when dey made us. We were planning out routes and driving at da time and Chameleon’s sharp eyes spotted em on our tail.

Well to make da story short, da fraggers hexed our ride and cracked da radiator. So much for magical defenses. Our spellworm musta been on a Union Coffee Break. Hoop sniffer.

Anyway, we break out our favorite shootin irons just in case da goon mobile behind us wanted to make some noise. But Chameleon got out and had a little pow wow wid em. One everyone’s bona fides were established dey paid for the damage and the tow and we all went on our way before each of us went to our corner to prepare for da meet.

We picked up da limo and stocked our toy boxes just in case. When we picked up da courier, and I use dat term loosely since the fragger was pissin’ himself at the thought of picking up a briefcase, we did our best to settle him. When dat didn’t work we just had chameleon replace him and let the nozzle stay in da limo.

It’s time to head in now, and with luck, it’ll go nice and easy…



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