Ready, Set, Run! - A Shadowrun Campaign

Step One, Get a Team

So my fixer, a guy i met named Wires, gives me a call and tells me i have a job. I’m supposed to meet a bunch of other guys, who will help me with the job. So i get there and go up to the meeting place and apparently im the first one here. The waitress shows up and i order a drink, as i wait. The team shows up one by one and i get a look at the people im working with. The first guy who shows up, introduces himself as the Pardoner, and he is impressive looking but we will see how he holds up. The next one who walks in calls himself Steel, and he is our rigger. He doesn’t seem that competent but at least he is better than the mage we got. Our mage is a freaking Oni, and i can already tell i am not gonna like him. The last team member turns out to be the bloody waitress, who introduces himself after using his crazy tech to change his entire body into a dude. Says his name is Chameleon. We got a job to secure some kind of briefcase transfer and i asked wires to help us out. After we finish the meet i offer to go get some hands on recon, so i get my stuff and head out



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