Ready, Set, Run! - A Shadowrun Campaign

Sharpe's Special Report Preview

The Sharpe Special Report

“Max Sharpe here, investgative reporter for HARDLINE, reporting from deep undercover in the underbelly of the shadow running community. This series is intend to be the most in-depth look in to this hidden sub-culture. What drives these renegades and why do they hold the rest of society in such contempt? I have previously reported on corporate ties to these criminal elements and the mid-level bureaucrats who trade in violence to climb the rungs of the company ladder. Even executive involvemnt such as HARDLINE’s rport Aztec’s involvement in the organ running trade… Now a different view… A gutter-side view if you will. In this sim-sense series you will see the initial meet independent runners (small fish in a very dangerous and pond) contracted for some mysterious job. I managed to get surveillance in the room for this meeting. Lets watch”

Scene begins Sharpe viewing AR scene making coments as the action plays out:

“The scene unfolds not in some biker dive but in a quiet well-appointed room in the back of sin-sense café of dubious repute ( I presume because beatle heads are not generally interested much that happens out of AR)”

The scene plays out predictably between the members arriving none talking much, each ordering water and waiting for “the Johnson” (Mr. Johnson—n. name often adopted by a person who hires shadowrunners) to arrive immediately there is tension between the Oni and both orcs, one because of some dislike of “demons” the other for some incident outside the room. The human with data jack says almost nothing. The only real surprise is, when the Johnson arrives the waitress reveals she is part of the meet and is a man in disguise! Johnson lays out job; Escort a man to a pick up a briefcase then deliver the briefcase to a drop off point.
Each member introduces themselves
Chameleon and Johnson negotiate job

End scene

Freeze frame of team members
Pardoner – race: orc specialty-weapons (gunman, hired thug )See attached profile
Cypher Race-Human specialty rigger(driver drone jockey, amateur hacker)See attached profile
Chameleon – Human? Specialty- con-man(impersonator confidence man See attached profile
Specter-Race-orc Specialty- infiltration (B&E, sneak thief) See attached profile
Takeshi- Race-Oni Specialty-magician (style unknown) See attached profile

“I will follow these men through preparation of the operation and through the pick up and deleivery “will this be cake run or will blood be flowing through the back alleys? Tune in for the next installment:Ready! Set! Run!



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