Ready, Set, Run! - A Shadowrun Campaign

Sharpe;s day job

What huh? Where am I? persona soft shut down Who? Oh that right I’m Max Sharpe undercover as Chameleon
Time to look the last couple of days take….
Looks mostly pretty boring…
Break-in to an empty ware house…
I can use this banter over the unconscious demon magician good tension breaker…

I can use Specters data feed of the break-in and search it’ll need some editing up the gain on my tension < insert emoticon protocol >
Lots of driving… maybe a few scenes of the gang tags… voice over: “young men steeped in violence of the streets with nothing to lose” or some such greck
Whoa we got a live one … Someones following the truck < insert mood elevator >
Mage does his thing reports < save scene > … this is gold! the team is so boned!
We are out gunned, out magicked, and in a deserted area…
Car approaches
Chameleon gets out WHY THE FRELL AM I GOING OUT! UNARMED! Chameleon you freaking psycho!
Oh its just the other team… I guess that was the right call (we’ll use Chamelon’s simsense data… fix it in post production.)
Save images of the other team production profiles on them Love cloned chrome muscle.
Oh I love it shake them down for the cost of car repairs
More boring stuff…
Goods pick up… I still can’t believe the orc got half his pay check in bullets!
Well that’s done… I’ll squirt this feed to post production
Maybe we’ll re-run the scene or two third person…
Time to reset the chameleon persona soft with shut down protocol 2 hours after sleep tomorrow,
God these late nights are killing me,,, I hope chameleon doesn’t REALLY get me killed!!!
Now I pray before I sleep, if should die before I wake….



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