Ready, Set, Run! - A Shadowrun Campaign

Revenge, the best way possible.

After our little visit from the other rival Runner group, we decided to weed them out of our annoyances. Why not place a nice, big, red bull’s eye on their simple heads? Discovering information about lower-end gangsters of the main mobs, we decided to do a “hit and run” of sorts. Thanks to Chameleon, we were able to be properly disguised as the other group to fool them into entering our vehicle. With “proper discussion skills” we were able to scare them enough to bother the heads of their families. After this little incursion, we were summoned by our Johnson once more. A very beautiful restaurant, and with an offer of free food. Of course, we ordered the most expensive dishes… Other than the rigger who merely wanted a shepherd’s pie. Clearly he needs to become more introduced to the finer things in life. Continuing to the matter at hand, we have received a new mission… Let us see where this will end.



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