Ready, Set, Run! - A Shadowrun Campaign

Night Walkers - Watch out!

(Taken from one of the local “shadow boards” in the local Atlanta ’running scene)

I dunno if any of the rest of you have heard bout this, but apparently there’s a local team running round causing trouble for some of the local families.

Get this…this team, the Night Walkers, they on some vengeance ego trip throughout the city. Somethin about their money. Apparently, they got screwed on a job and they looking for any link to their employers (ha! good luck!) to collect whats owed to ’em.

And I’m talkin ANY link.

Parently, they grabbed some thugs from the Gambelli and Montoya families and roughed em up for answers about whatever frellin job they did and didn’t get paid for.

Hell! We in the business know that if ya ain’t satisfied with the pay up front, ya better just scrap it and move on to another gig, amirite guys?

Anyway, they rough up these goons, the goons run back to their bosses, the bosses get pissed off that this team thinks they can do whatever they like to their people, hits start being put on these bozos heads.

Serves em right, if you ask me. Just remember, boys and girls of the shadows…the team is the Night Walkers. Steer clear of em cause they’re pretty much walkin’ dead men.

- FlintFox



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