Ready, Set, Run! - A Shadowrun Campaign

Chameleon’s motto: If I am accused, I might as well be guilty

Operation is done with a few wrinkles. Our wage slave bag man, a shadowrunner wanabe was so ill equipped I had to replace him, so he wouldn’t screw the op. It worked the exchange went without a hitch. Then men started falling out of the skylights! The orks take out our pursuers. Pardoner’s gas grenades and the other ones shooting takes them down without me having to break character. Meanwhile our driver disabled the helicopter (but I don’t think the Johnsons getting his security deposit back on the limo rental!) Once we made it to the vehicle switch point, I gave my instructional lesson in shadowrunning 101 to Steve our bag man and collected my fee… (Steve Williams is not ready for the shadows… If he was in on the exchange when the fecal matter started flying he would have been dead or captured as well as my team. Instead he got a taste of fear from me waving my gun in his face, wandered around the public transport system. I drained his bank account and collected his fee. That’s fair I did his part of the job and his bank account is insured. At the end of the day he is still alive and now he knows better than entering in any biz) much like poker there is an expensive learning curve in shadowrunning. He got off light!

Our Johnson paid up only problem with playing Steve for the exchange was I couldn’t hit the Johnson for a bonus when he admitted he thought the exchange was compromised… but a second pay check in hand is better than a possible bonus. We all ended up hanging at the rigger’s diggs and for us we did. The other team tracked us somehow. Their face started accusing us of betraying them. Stupid things like more bad guys chased the six of them than the three of us our and since his Johnson was now dead our Johnson or us should pay their fee. We tried talking but it became clear the morons would keep hounding us until they ruined any Biz we were involved with or we burned our Johnson and flushed our rep. A couple of gas grenades and rocket launch later they bug out. The Night Walkers accused me of screwing them over I was innocent, but now they are going to find out what it means to be screwed over by me…



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