Ready, Set, Run! - A Shadowrun Campaign

An Exchange of Possibilities (skip to Act II)


Our mission was simply to escort a man for a simple exchange of property… How hard could it be? My team seems to consist of rather “curious” men… and a human who is able to turn into a woman…

The Team:

Chameleon (human) – The “face” of our band, able to transform into any style he seems necessary, even if it would be a stunning waitress that tries to come on to others. Who knows what his, or her, real form may be.

Pardoner (orc) – Gunman – This character seems to be quite trigger happy, ready to pounce on anything in front, or behind him, such as myself. I suppose I am glad that he has the ability to keep track of his surroundings…

Cypher (human) – Friendly neighborhood rigger, with drones in the back of his trunk. It seems he sometimes likes to refer to himself as Steel… I’m not sure if is serious or just a tad delusional from all of his equipment.

Specter – Japanese (Orc) – Very weary about this one… He has continuously looked at me with some sort of disdain, though I may not be surprised for he is from my homeland. I will have to watch my back, for I don’t tolerate his thoughts or beliefs of my kind.

We have accepted the mission for this exchange in a warehouse near the edge of town. Thinking ahead, our group has decided that the deceiving Specter and I shall infiltrate the building that same night.

We arrive at the designated location a few blocks away, and begin our investigation. It is always an unusual and exciting experience in the Astral Plain. My “friend” decides to use the always mundane tactic of technology… Nothing compares to the Awakened. After the initial search, neither of us found anything dire to report, magical or otherwise.

Our investigation is over and we begin heading back to our “base of operations.” Curiously, a tinted black sedan has begun following us… Maybe it is just coincidence. A few minutes later, the vehicle is still riding on our trail and I am needed to sense the occupancy of the suspicious follower. A few “cybered” and one normal men appear within the car… But what is this? I sense an Awakened in there as well! By the time I was going to prepare a spirit, our engine cut out, and we were stranded. Blast… those bastards must have used the same tactic.
They exited their vehicle, aside from the Awakened, and we began to prepare ourselves for a skrimish, Pardoner with his finger already on his trigger. The “clean” man stepped forward and seemed to apologize for the incident, and that he claims he was merely seeing who they were going to exchange with… At least he paid us back, which included a little extra for ourselves. At least I will be ready for what is to come, the others better do the same.

enter preparation scenes and spirit binding

Once again, we arrive back to the abandoned factory, and our exchange-man was extremely nervous about the whole ordeal, so Chameleon decides to take his place at the “front-line.” It was very curious, however, that he acted the exact same way as the man did, and the other exchange-man was obviously nervous too. I thought they were going to start shouting out their secret codes to each other before we even got into reach of the package. Without any fault, we began our leave back to the limo, until a sound was heard outside. I could not make out from where it was coming, but my team managed to warn us about the incoming helicopter as forces of soldiers leaped down into the building to come after us.

To be Continued.



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